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University of Minnesota

Recently redesigned, I asked some visitors to talk me through their visits to the site, and saw there were some things that needed to be tested.

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University of Minnesota

Heuristic Analysis & Usability Studies

MY ROLE  UX strategy, user testing, competitive analysis, technical editing.

GOAL  Ensure that site and mobile experience is easily navigable, that user testing is executed across revenue-creation tasks, and that branding is effective and adherent to university standards.

CONTEXT A highly ranked university department is seeking to raise the academic level of student and faculty applicants, its level of alumni donations, and industry relationships. 

Having recently redesigned without goals in mind or research, I am testing tasks visitors need to complete easily, and focusing on revenue and brand growth. Showing videotaped reactions of visitors’ difficulties with simple tasks and navigation, the project is expanding. 

Methods include

  • Tree testing

  • A/B testing

  • Click testing

  • Monitored and remote video testing

  • Competitive and heuristic analyses

  • Scenario and task analyses

SOLUTIONS   Ongoing.

Site Map, Prototypes

To help visitors find content on both mobile and desktop, I've created a site map and wireframes/prototypes to test 

and illustrate solutions for stakeholder goals, and to enable visitor goal successes.

Click Testing

Testing around a department goal to increase donations, and seeing a 50% fail rate finding the donation link,

I recommended changes on the page which resulted in 100% success in testing.

Monitored Video Testing

Parents of high school kids preparing to apply to this department visit the site
to find curriculum requirements for this degree.