CHALLENGE  This not-for-profit site was being redesigned. Its information hierarchy was extremely broad, complicated, and duplicative, and needed to be streamlined to enable visitors to find the appropriate local resources for their situations.  .


MY ROLE  I was brought in to provide information architecture testing and guidance to help organize the site’s extensive resources and localized content so that it was easily findable, and the brand retained across the many local entities tied to the national headquarter’s site.

CONTEXT   I was given analytics information and set up interviews with leadership stakeholders regarding donation concerns, continuing involvement from local leaders across the country, and concerns received from visitors and local offices. Hearing stakeholder concerns, I card sorted and tree tested navigation elements, and created wireframes. I worked with the designer and development team to implement the new layout.

SOLUTION   The site was dramatically streamlined, so that visitors could easily find the most searched-for content and inquiries. Analytics showed 35% increase in successful click-throughs to local offices.