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THE PROBLEM  This not-for-profit site was being redesigned. Stakeholders were aware visitors had difficulty finding local sites from the national homepage. 

MY ROLE  In a researcher and information architect role, I was asked to provide guidance organizing their extensive resources so that localized content would be easily findable.


- Analytics review

- Card sorts / tree testing 

- Interviews, with
    National and local stakeholders

    National and local site visitors
    Local office staff

SOLUTION   I created, tested wireframes, and worked with a designer and dev team to implement. The site was dramatically streamlined -- visitors easily found the most searched-for content and inquiries. Analytics showed a 35% increase in successful click-throughs to local offices.

I also left personas with stakeholders as single page reminders of the goals of their most frequent visitors, in PCAA's case this was workers in their field, usually social workers.


I produced wireframes outlining the new page flows
taking into account research details and card sorts/tree testing 


Field Professionals | Parents | Young People | Political Influences 


The designer worked along my wireframes for a final design. Years later,
with design styles updated, the same general design holds in their current site.

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