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Chicago Retail Store

CHALLENGE   Evolve and grow an industry leader — a 30-year retail destination brand.

CONTEXT   In addition to exploring the limits/opportunities of the geographic location of the store (near Wrigleyville), we interviewed employees and customers, and accompanied shoppers on shop-a-longs. Via competitor retail visits and secondary industry research, we found a number of opportunities for this brand. We also examined his 10 businesses in a portfolio assessment.


  • Merchandising recommendations, which increased sales by 100% over two weeks. 

  • Recommended unique value proposition expansion into upscale consulting and business opportunities.

  • Updated brand and product concepts.

  • Web site medium-fidelity mockup.

  • Long- and short-term marketing plan.

  • Business expansion plan, portfolio analysis.

  • Customer personas.

  • Customer journey maps.

  • Insights from primary and secondary research.

  • Industry and trends research findings

  • Branding, packaging, and merchandising research and recommendations.


The brand's audience spans a very wide demographic,

which we saw in customer shop-a-longs and with in-person and online surveys, 
in segment competitive analysis and
contextual inquiry with customers, and retail managers.

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