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Independent Research

CHALLENGE  What impression does the diabetes space have of Dexcom?  .


GOAL  Contextual inquiry into people with diabetes,how they view and/or use continuous glucose monitor devices.

CONTEXT   Interviews regarding how people with diabetes, health providers, caretakers manage or help manage diabetes? How do they know which direction their blood sugars are headed, and how they adjust insulin/medication/exercise experiences based on their daily history of and last finger prick?  What difficulties do they encounter? Have ever or do use/d a CGM or insulin pump?  


I discuss these questions often with diabetic patients, physicians and endocrinologists. In most cases they ask me how using the Dexcom device can be helpful. I also do primary and secondary research into people using CGMs of all brands, insulin pumps and various diabetes medications.

Personas, and findings regarding CGM and device use

Unless using the device, the majority of physicans, patients, caregivers are unaware of what this device does

"I can't afford it. I can't afford Obamacare, medications, insulin, plus devices."


"I don't trust it, I'm not interested."


• Can be helpful in managing healthy blood sugar levels.

•  Patients and their families gain a better understanding of how their glucose levels change as previously not understood well.


• It’s too expensive

• All that beeping is stresful; too many reminders of diabetes

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