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Homepage revenue creation

Industry and competitive research and analysis indicated external companies need a straightforward manner of submitting Requests for Proposals (RFP) for consulting engagements with Deloitte.

My Role  As lead UX and content strategist for, I worked with a team instituting revenue-generating and -saving pieces for the site which became practice firmwide.

Testing homepage locations using click tests, we found the highest conversion rate location and size, resulting in over 100 new clients generated within the first month.

Homepage bounce rates 

To reduce very high bounce rates by worldwide visitors to, I provided content to direct paths to Deloitte local offices/sites, which they were seeking. Conducting industry research into best practices for presenting multi-language content, and technical capabilities worldwide, I transformed a map created with Flash into the accessible map here.

To ensure global accessibility in worldwide local languages, I presented each country:
1) Via maps

2) In English

3) Using local languages

This ensured that businesses and career-seekers worldwide would find local Deloitte office locations and sites, easily.

Site Design

In addition to setting site standards, and training global teams, I worked with the global teams 

to present material from global practice areas, on the global Deloitte site

Style Guides

Comfortable working with details, I persist through the style guide creation process

ensuring all iterations of brand presentation are clearly communicated.

I've been the lead creating style guides reflecting digital brand concerns including design/build out of 

complimentary colors, email creation specs, electronic media

presentation and file templates, and keeping Style Guides up to date.

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