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For a world-renowned hospital system, I gathered and analysed data to develop quantitative / qualitative personas reflecting the US healthcare market.

Information architecture, design, and research while wearing an art direction and content strategy hat.

Usability testing to increase revenue options from their site.

Project with this client addressing the problem space of an extremely high rate of diabetes in this community with ethnography, cultural probe, and co-creation.

Working on a multivariate testing project, I worked to update brand design trends to maximize conversion. 

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Pre-launch NFP Wireframe

This is a mid-project wireframe, readying for a site redesign launch.

Information architect on this not-for-profit's national site redesign, 

Independent research into the benefits of support for chronic condition health.

UX research and redesign of health-information site. 1-on-1 interviews of visitors to health sites to gauge best approaches for presenting health information on a new site. Card sorting to test and create category names / taxonomy and tree testing to test site vocabularies.

Working with the owner of this iconic store, our 2-person team conducted research and design to present expansion opportunities allowing brand renewal and growth.

Engaged with this innovative product, I undertook an independent research project to understand audience feelings around its use.

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