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Goal   A health-information site is entering the crowded healthcare space online, and being redesigned. What is the value proposition to set it apart from the healthcare space allowing it to emerge?

My Role   As UX Lead, I worked with stakeholders to shape the brand's value proposition to focus on its key ambitions, conducted interviews and user-testing regarding use of health information web sites,

Combining industry and competitive research with user' highest desires and concerns around finding health information online, we began production for those elements in the redesign.


Based on qualitative data from target audience interviews

I created personas for team usage during the redesign. 

Personas   I helped stakeholders understand their audiences most strongly voiced concern: privacy.


From that I helped shape the site taxonomy and interfaces so that in testing visitors were 66% likelier to search the site for information, per click tests, up from the site's initial 11% of visitors were willing to register to a health-information site.


  • Interviews

  • Card sorting

  • Observation, using the site and competitor sites

  • Competitive analysis

  • Click tests.



Using research results, I developed wireframes
indicating users' needs around finding and trusting health-related information online
which would meet
 stakeholder goals for this not-for-profit site.


Investigating the heath-information space, I conducted 1-on-1 interviews with a broad range of 

ages and folks who were very open about health conditions they and loved ones face, in conversation, though

extremely hesitant to share information in any online forum.

To improve this site's taxonomy and information hierarchy, I also conducted card sorting,

click tests, and competitive industry research.

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