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Mirror Apparel Site

My Role  I'd never designed a store so tried it, for a global brick'n'mortar clothing store. I tested the site with its targets, and iterated design elements per testing feedback and task testing results. In discovery research, I went on shop-a-longs to hear feedback about stores we visited, perceptions of their clothing needs and choices, methods of shopping for apparel, opinions about store personnel actions, and how they interact with physical as well as online stores.

In task testing, I created, edited and re-tested InVision prototypes, synthesized findings using affinity mapping, below, and recommended a  next-step change plan. 

Online presence creation

This global brick'n'mortar success, just initiating its online presence. Its core customer base is young, fashion-minded, professional. Favoring lower-cost clothing, they're able to afford all looks, and see clothing as interchangeable / replaceable, not pieces to guard and maintain long-term.

I designed its site featuring extensive filters, simple size selection including verifications as added to cart, and a streamlined checkout process. I designed the site to be responsive, for mobile and desktop access. In my research, most shopped on mobile, with all ages most often completing purchases on desktop.

I also updated its brand features — colors, photography style and fonts to be used.

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