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UX generalist — Extensive experience in systems and process design, leadership, writing/editing, visual design / brand development, and design research (both ethnography + usability). I am a design thinker and innovator, raised in investment knowledge, and trained in journalism.

I've always been very curious, and dedicated to learning. Frequently immersing myself into many cultures, geographically and societally, I am adaptable, humble, and open-minded, Comfortable in all conditions, I seek to understand people, their WHYs and motivations. Adaptability and curiosity is the backbone of good research and innovation, understanding and quickly connecting similar and disparate observations (and data analyses, where available). In so doing, my work has led to substantial profitability and growth while meeting end-users' needs/goals for my clients.

I have experience and passion for design, writing, and research in the diabetes space and human rights, and years of design/research experience in financial and professional services, corporate learning and education. A desire to help others improve their lives and experiences is in my blood.


I attribute my ability to connect the dots between disparate findings and data to my growing up as an only child, making up my own games and ideas without others limiting my thinking.

Jennifer Frisbie

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