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UX generalist — Extensive experience in design systems, writing/editing, leadership, service design, brand development/oversight, and design research,
I am a systems and design thinker, very knowledgeable with investments and type 1 diabetes, and am trained in journalism, and design methods.

A lifelong learner, I often immerse myself into other cultures, geographically and societally, I am adaptable, humble, and open-minded. Comfortable under all conditions, I seek to understand people deeply, including their WHYs and motivations. Adaptability and curiosity is the backbone of good research and I'd say of design, too. I quickly connect disparate observations and data analyses, and in so doing my work has led to substantial profitability and growth while meeting end-users' needs/goals.


I have experience in and a deep passion for design and research in the healthcare and diabetes spaces, financial and professional services, all levels of education and training materials, as well as for mentoring others.

Jennifer Frisbie

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